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Soft Draped Jacket & Purple Pencil Skirt

Happy Monday everyone!
I’m welcoming the week with happy pops of colors.
Spring is coming in small steps. – So does my wardrobe. The main problem is, you have a huge difference concerning temperatures each week. This is my transitional look with a soft draped jacket and light colors, which contains more red/purple hues.

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Transitional Footwear

and some updates in private life

Hi everyone,

yes – I’m still alive!
Where have I been and what am I up to? Well, as some of you might know we moved to our new home and I got a new job as a Senior Designer since December. Plus, we got a new addition to our family: meet HECTOR THE SHIBA INU!


Bye-Bye Summer

White Hollow Floral Top & Asymmetric Skirt

Hi everyone,

I am sorry for the lack of posts. I feel bad for skipping the previous month completely, but I’m back now :-)



Hip Hip Hooray

2 Year Blog Anniversary

Hi everyone!

Wow, this is amazing how time flew by so quickly. fabfashionaire turns 2 years old today! To me it is a huge milestone and there would be no fun and passion without your support.

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August Essentials

9 Pieces Worth Investing In

For many of you, August is a month full of hot days and of course, going on vacation. Unfortunately, the last point does not apply to me, haha. Well, there are only 4 weeks left, until it’s my turn going on vacation! So, there is no need to complain at all. ;-P

Today, I would love to share a couple of summer essentials I came across for this month.


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